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The basic principle of any organization is that the employees are the most important resources and they must therefore be used and managed as effectively and efficiently as possible to achieve maximum returns. To be able to implement this, an HR strategy must be in place and systems and tools must be developed for implementation.


With our extensive experience in the corporate sector we provide tailor made solutions to develop and upgrade your HR strategy, policies and processes within your organization, which on the long run inevitably will influence your results as an organization positively.

HR Advisory services consist of the development and implementation of:

• HR strategies, policies and procedures; and

• HR systems and tools related to performance management, workforce planning, job descriptions, evaluations, compensation, benefits & rewards, succession planning & development and salary structures.


We act as HR counterpart to the customer and take care of the recruiting process, from drawing up the vacancy to the selection of a suitable candidate.
We also use our extensive network for finding the best fit candidates. The reference checks and the assessment of skills and competences are part of this process. We deliver candidates who are professionals with a good fit with the organizational culture, who wants to develop themselves and have the potential to contribute to the development of the organization.

With recruitment and selection, mainly focused on candidates with an academic degree, we provide in:

• permanent employees and

• temporary workers such as expats, contractors and freelancers.


Hiring the ``wrong`` employee is costly, a waste of energy and very frustrating for both parties. As a company, you reduce the risk to a ``miss-fit`` through an assessment. The assessment results can also be used for development purposes since it provides insight into the development gaps of a person.

i4 HR's services focus on carrying out the assessments, drawing up the results, conclusions and recommendations. A review and explanation session with the candidate and his / her manager is part of this process.

The assessments offer insight in:

• the personality and preferred team role of your employees;

• the skills and abilities of (potential) employees;

• employee development;

• leadership development.

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