About i4HR

We focus on the development and growth of the HR field in general and Human Resources Management in organizations in particular, by offering high-quality HR services, tools and knowledge transfer.
Core Values:

These are some of the values we live by, as a company.

Continuous improvement: We will always do our utmost to create better ways of doing the things we do. We will exceed the expectations of our clients and will endeavor to do so in every project.
Customers always in focus: The wellbeing of our customers is our priority. Our service is based on how well it serves our customers.
Act with integrity: We’re honest, transparent and committed to doing what’s best for our customers and our company. We have no tolerance for politics, hidden agendas or passive-aggressive behavior.

Social responsibility:

The desire to give back to society, support good causes and try to make a difference matters to us.


With our extensive experience in the corporate sector we provide tailor made solution...


We act as HR counterpart to the customer and take care of the recruiting process...


Hiring the ``wrong`` employee is costly, a waste of energy and very frustrating for both parties...

Our Team

Our team consists of professionals with extensive experience who are able to deliver tailor-made high-quality HR services.
In order for an organization to be successful it has to maintain and develop their human capital.

Patricia Braaf & Kitty Ashruf-Thijm are the founders of i4HR. We both have 30+ years’ experience in the field of HRM which we put in use to support organizations to be successful.

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